Untold story

I was a rambunctious student in school. She was the topper of our class.
I used to play cricket. She loved never ending novels.
I was reckless and confused when I was 16. She started planning her career by then.
She was a good speaker. I only clapped.
I gave her hints. She never winked.
I proposed to her. She accepted me.
We passed high school.
I chose Chartered accountancy. She chose Management.
I went to Ahmedabad. She went to Mumbai.
I always wanted to come over for weekends. She was happy with Skype.
I found myself obsessed with Taxation. She was redefining market structure.
I started smoking in college. She was busy preparing for CAT.
She loved coffee meet-ups. I was a late-night-chat guy.
I used to take her to movies. She was my guide to the temples.
She cooked home-made food. I loved road side Dhabas.
I booked us ola rides. She urged me to take the bus.
Once, I paid for the food in a restaurant. Next time, she took my wallet before entering. I had no choice. We shared the bill…

New dawn

New dawn
touches me gently
rolls me over to face life
see a world I thought only a dream
shows me a new day
of possibilities never imagined
and says, "Take my hand"

-Shri Ram

The storm.

The storm cast memories as waves crashed against her
She tossed the words into the spiraling tide In hopes she would forever be carried away
He misses her...the melody... the swells of devotion now faded with time silent harmonies composed only for him.

-Shri Ram

The change.

I remember our days together and conversations. When we first started, "I love you." "I love you so much."
I was a bit worried with your following change: "I love you." "love you."
But change of words are not change of feelings. I convinced me and yet again:
"I love you." "Me too".
And then from this! "I love you" "Yes. Ok."
To this: "I love you" ‘ ...’
I am still unanswered.
-Shri Ram

The incomplete poetry !!

Often I pick up the ink to mould it into the words write my heart out & let the pain flow like birds. It starts with huge war strangely after three lines, the war stops silence of thoughts spread like white smoke and I just don't get the next rhyming word.
Often I pick up the ink with both hope and despair hope connect the chorus lines and despair connect the inner soul & once again just three lines, once again I had to console.
Because of the voice ‘don't give up', I’m again holding the ink trying to connect words like the branches of Rowan tree. Tell me - Don't you feel this too as an incomplete poetry?

-Shri Ram


I cringe, I almost weep,
 I lose my sleep.
 My gypsy thoughts converge there;
 The gash of shame is deep. My smile is a muscle movement.
 Laughter, a rare event.
 O, yeah, to myself, I am
 An embarrassment.

- Shri Ram :)


I found you one day, Walking through the door and I knew then that your heart whispered to mine and I know u felt it too.. but u just didn't pay attention. That's the day quantum mechanics broke down for me because in them I saw you. I've sent nights dreaming, but never have I been so disappointed to wake up cuz I know you were in the dream. But all I can remember is your flushed face turning scarlet and laughing…the most amazing laugh in the world. Ohh I wish I could play that on repeat. Ohh your giggle, sounds like music to my ears, Ohh your smile melts me from the inside out, Ohh your eyes they see right through me like I don't exist, I’m glad they cant else you.d know I'm always looking at you. I hope you see me someday & that day you will know what your heart said. You & I, we don't wanna be like them. Cuz we are like diamonds in the sky. We glow in the dark. We started from a spark and our light will never go out, Now that you are here with me now. I&#…

That mysterious evening....As love happened

Chapter-1,Location: somewhere in the forest hill of Shimla Ssssshhsomeone is following us, she said. It's the revengeful soul of cockroach you killed last month, Ronak replied wittingly. Khushi cluched his fist and looked in his eyes. Words were unrequited as the setting itself revealed the atmosphere. It's one dusky evening in the month of October and nearest human settlement is 50 kms away. Cool, enchanting breeze with the scent of deodar's was making her hairs go wild as he has never seen her hairs so amazingly. he was hurriedly looking for a open space to make the tent and pave the way for the best evening of his life… Look at the left side. Come, hurry, fast, we have only 30 minutes of daylight left. Nervous Khushi was still holding his hand tightly… After the hard toil making arrangements for the tent, Ronak murmured in her ears…you are looking majestic and astounding, is it because you are actually beautiful or I am being deceived. Little he knewthat night would change th…
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