I found you one day,
Walking through the door and I knew then
that your heart whispered to mine
and I know u felt it too..
but u just didn't pay attention.
That's the day quantum mechanics broke down for me
because in them I saw you.
I've sent nights dreaming,
but never have I been so disappointed to wake up
cuz I know you were in the dream.
But all I can remember is your flushed face
turning scarlet and laughing…the most amazing laugh in the world.
Ohh I wish I could play that on repeat.
Ohh your giggle, sounds like music to my ears,
Ohh your smile melts me from the inside out,
Ohh your eyes they see right through me like I don't exist,
I’m glad they cant else you.d know I'm always looking at you.
I hope you see me someday &
that day you will know what your heart said.
You & I, we don't wanna be like them.
Cuz we are like diamonds in the sky.
We glow in the dark.
We started from a spark and our light will never go out,
Now that you are here with me now.
I've found love where it wasn't supposed to be,
right in front of me
& brought some sense to me.
Written in the language of the soul
using the ink from my heart.
From the depths of my heart TO the depths of yours.

-Shri Ram :)


Hi, I’m shri ram. I’m living in Bhilwara, India.

Aspiring chartered accountant and company secretary, M com. by Academic Qualification.

Pursuing chartered accountancy course for a better future , and for my Soul.

Writer(fictional) and blogger

Trained to bring a smile to everyone in the society (exception – relatives and neighbors ).

Politics interests me in so far as it obstructs my primary task of bringing a smile to people’s face and yes! it keeps me occupied in the space between “Modi Bhakt” and “BJP supporter”

And more about me – Firstly all pics are how my face appears in real (not just on Twitter /Social Media)

athlete body turning into Fat (Guess because of the big heart that is within)

Humorous* (Oh I breath, eat and … humour),

Loving and caring (not suggestive not giving any ideas),

intelligent (aarrrghhh!!! a big lie this),

fun-loving* (nice word for enjoying good things in life !!!)”

polyglot i am proficient in speaking many languages including english, hindi, gujarati and punjabi.

*check my twitter timeline

“no one can say that i am Tech Freak !
But Intel Inside Mental Outside;)

Got Tired of Muslim and minority appeasement during late Congress party rule (RIP).

Aspiring Lottery Winner.”

“Bragging Rights: Survived 26 years of life and even more years of Manmohan sarkar rule”

“If you have seen any of the above descriptions in various other social network site, Yes you have reached the right Shri ram :-)”

So Welcome! Friend into my very own Space in the E-World!

A simple rule of engagement! I have chosen not to moderate any comments here to allow free flow of information.
Love or hate what I write or do, please don’t love or hate me.
In short, love/hate my thoughts and not Shri ram .

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