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The change.

I remember our days together and conversations. When we first started, "I love you." "I love you so much."
I was a bit worried with your following change: "I love you." "love you."
But change of words are not change of feelings. I convinced me and yet again:
"I love you." "Me too".
And then from this! "I love you" "Yes. Ok."
To this: "I love you" ‘ ...’
I am still unanswered.
-Shri Ram

The incomplete poetry !!

Often I pick up the ink to mould it into the words write my heart out & let the pain flow like birds. It starts with huge war strangely after three lines, the war stops silence of thoughts spread like white smoke and I just don't get the next rhyming word.
Often I pick up the ink with both hope and despair hope connect the chorus lines and despair connect the inner soul & once again just three lines, once again I had to console.
Because of the voice ‘don't give up', I’m again holding the ink trying to connect words like the branches of Rowan tree. Tell me - Don't you feel this too as an incomplete poetry?

-Shri Ram


I cringe, I almost weep,
 I lose my sleep.
 My gypsy thoughts converge there;
 The gash of shame is deep. My smile is a muscle movement.
 Laughter, a rare event.
 O, yeah, to myself, I am
 An embarrassment.

- Shri Ram :)


I found you one day, Walking through the door and I knew then that your heart whispered to mine and I know u felt it too.. but u just didn't pay attention. That's the day quantum mechanics broke down for me because in them I saw you. I've sent nights dreaming, but never have I been so disappointed to wake up cuz I know you were in the dream. But all I can remember is your flushed face turning scarlet and laughing…the most amazing laugh in the world. Ohh I wish I could play that on repeat. Ohh your giggle, sounds like music to my ears, Ohh your smile melts me from the inside out, Ohh your eyes they see right through me like I don't exist, I’m glad they cant else you.d know I'm always looking at you. I hope you see me someday & that day you will know what your heart said. You & I, we don't wanna be like them. Cuz we are like diamonds in the sky. We glow in the dark. We started from a spark and our light will never go out, Now that you are here with me now. I&#…

That mysterious evening....As love happened

Chapter-1,Location: somewhere in the forest hill of Shimla Ssssshhsomeone is following us, she said. It's the revengeful soul of cockroach you killed last month, Ronak replied wittingly. Khushi cluched his fist and looked in his eyes. Words were unrequited as the setting itself revealed the atmosphere. It's one dusky evening in the month of October and nearest human settlement is 50 kms away. Cool, enchanting breeze with the scent of deodar's was making her hairs go wild as he has never seen her hairs so amazingly. he was hurriedly looking for a open space to make the tent and pave the way for the best evening of his life… Look at the left side. Come, hurry, fast, we have only 30 minutes of daylight left. Nervous Khushi was still holding his hand tightly… After the hard toil making arrangements for the tent, Ronak murmured in her ears…you are looking majestic and astounding, is it because you are actually beautiful or I am being deceived. Little he knewthat night would change th…

Love wins over everything!

Khushbu and Jigar were sweethearts from their school days. Life had bought
them a long way from being each others' bench-mates to each others'
soulmates! Both had a fairly common friend-circle but that did not limit their social life in anyway. Khushbu had a nasty fight with Jigar over a trivial reason the night before. The next morning was her off-day from work and hence had a yoga class to attend. Jigar: Get into the carMadam, aren't you getting late for the yoga class???? You don't have work today, but i do! The office and yoga class were half a kilometer apart. He wanted to sort things before they started their day, in the office and yoga class respectively, hence he'd decided to drop her. With a sullen face, she sat beside him without even looking at him. For her he'd suddenly turned a villain from sweetheart. Who talks this way to their girlfriend, she thought to herself! looking out of the window. The class was 30 minutes away. Jigar had taken a different ro…

more reason to love you..

If I ever fall in love, The masala chai I keep drinking every day will be replaced with the bitter coffee you'd prefer. Sounds creepy! but I'd do it definitely! Hitting the gym isn't my kinda thing. Yet I'd do it along with you. I'm more likely to skip sunday bath and choose to cuddle around your arms, but I don't want you to inhale my bad breath instead I'd take an early shower, Web series and chill is what I love to do, but I would replace it over watching those cricket highlights for the nth time with you, But after hearing these you asked me, "Why are you replacing the things you'd love to do just because you love me?" And now I got one more reason to love you.

-Shri Ram :)

Fictional ending for some GOT fans..

I wrote this little story as a “ What if Daenerys had stopped at the bells?”
“A Time for Ice” Drogon could feel Daenerys’ call to wheel around and turn back towards the city, but he also knew that she felt unsure of herself. The fury of the dracays in their bond was ebbing. He beat his wings once and took a deep breath, waiting. Daenerys looked down at all of the world, she could hardly see through her tears and all the tiny, charred debris in the air was stinging her eyes. Look at you, all of you! What kind of person rides a Dragon?!   I do! Daenerys Stormborn and this is the price you pay for killing ones I love. For my empty life! You!
Daenerys suddenly heard the bells ringing. Did they just start? She wanted to smile through her tears. She won, the city was hers! The Iron Throne was hers! If Jorah was here, he’d… Misanndei! I’m so sorry, I love you, little sister. She was still angry, still suffering and still heartbroken, but she could hear children crying now and the terribl…


I can face any issues. But, I became blank whenever I am dealing with this, he said. What's wrong? she asked. I always falling in love again and again, he replied. You can't find more than one soulmate. These kind of feelings are either infatuation or attraction, she replied with aching heart. But, My problem is ‘I always falling in love again and again whenever I see you”, he declared his love. (She calmly smiled and he failed to capture that smile) I am damn sure that You too had the same problem. Isn't??? She conveyed her LOVE through her eyes!!! Why god has created mouth for you when your eyes can says all the things crystal clear, He wondered. He kissed her and asked, Will you be mine? And, without waiting for her reply he said, “BE MINE”. (There are many ways to say love you…But, I am sure kiss is THE BEST way) He looked at her eyes and said You are trying to say something right? She nodded her head. Tell me then, he asked. She kissed him and said,Now You understood…

Path to success

The path to success is a long & tiring one With a ton of hardships to overcome Across the stormy sea of our moving emotions Wired up to be tossed about as a ship on the ocean Let’s rise above the noise & confusions To get a glimpse beyond the worldly illusions Never wonder how far beyond we can fall Fear never strained great men as history recalls All essential is an opening in the clouds To fly & leave behind the pessimist crowds Let’s make our self a solemn vow That heavens are the endless limit now Go on, consistently persevere and ignite To soar in everlasting success with delight Keep going & the world will eventually outrun There will be peace & content when it’s all done

-shri ram

Random Thought

The sky is still dark, And cold and harsh, Alone tonight, A soul-less night. What makes me worry Is the possibility, Of continuation. Will I be left alone, Forever, In these soul-less nights. With no one around, My heart aches. I try to forget, And yet, It reminds itself, Of golden days of the past. All I remember is Smiles and journeys, Of finding myself. All I left behind, Was your presence. You still reside, In heart, memory and Me. . And when the darkness clears, And my sun shines again, I'll bump into you. Not realizing Until our gazes meet. And I'll smile,

Words are the ignition to creativity..."Shri Ram"

Hi, I’m shri ram. I’m living in Bhilwara, India.

Aspiring chartered accountant and company secretary, M com. by Academic Qualification.

Pursuing chartered accountancy course for a better future , and for my Soul.

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Politics interests me in so far as it obstructs my primary task of bringing a smile to people’s face and yes! it keeps me occupied in the space between “Modi Bhakt” and “BJP supporter”

And more about me – Firstly all pics are how my face appears in real (not just on Twitter /Social Media)

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