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Indian economy is "collapsed", what can be done by the Government

These should be top priorities of the government; 1. Close all Jan Dhan bank accounts with total deposit of Rs. 80,000/- crores. 2. Give back Rs 80,000/- crores back to defaulters, collected this year and stop IBC personnel to recover further Rs 100,000/- crores next year. 3. Roll back fugitive offenders bill. 4. Close down honorable NCLT/ NCLAT. 5. Stop billion dollars bank recapitalization plan. 6. Scrap proposed merger of Bank of Baroda, Vijaya bank and dena bank. 7. Roll back merger of state bank of India with other state bank group banks and Bhartiya Mahila bank. 8. Bring back CPI to 10%. 9. Fiscal deficit above 5% 10. Give back Japan its soft loan (0.1% pa). 11. Unregulated the petroleum prices. 12. Give renew certificate of incorporation to all 5 lakh fake/defaulter companies who’s names were struck off. 13. Declare invalid all the Income tax returns filed by those 60% percent (total 2.1 crores new) who filed it for the first time. 14. Ask the investors to take back their 6…

i am tired of hearing

1. Has he come of age now to lead the country. 2. Rafale Scam. 3. I am a follower of this and i agree with this and how can i prove it to him. 4. The whole debate about fundamental rights being in danger. What about our fundamental duties? 5. What would have been india’s condition now if Nehru wouldn’t have done that or wouldn’t have done that. (mje kya pta yr) 6. Why Modi has helping capitalists like Ambani and Adani. Ya bro he got 44 billion dollars in 4.5 years before that he had a BPL card. 7. Don’t burst crackers on Diwali because it’s harmful for the environment. ( Ya bro that’s why i use public transport the whole year and don’t smoke unlike you) 8. When will reservation be removed. NEVER! 9. Wait, i am coming in 5 min. 10. Ohh you are from Rajasthan, Do you have water at your place. 11. Ohh you are from Rajasthan, Do you speak Rajasthani. ( No i speak Marwadi) 12. 1+1 = 11. 13. “Mere Baap Ki sadak Hai”. 14. Study now you can watch TV after becoming successful. 15. “Aapke toot…

How to be famous on Twitter

1. Are you a girl? Well. That's enough. However you need not to be REAL, I mean angle priya. There are high chances that you will get Likes and retweets and even followers easily. 2. Find a street dog. Click a picture while you are feeding it biscuits. Write an emotional lines about it. Boom! You have Likes, retweets and followers too. 3. Tweets must be interesting and cheesy. Your tweets should be “click bait”. 4. An emotional lines that you bought all pens from poor peddlers will definitely bring Likes, retweets and comments. 5. Don't use the words which can't be understood by a layman. Don't show off your vocabulary if you want to connect with the people. 6. Every now and then tweet related to PM Modi ji and cuss other political persons. It will boost your Likes but you may not get the retweets. 7. Attaching your selfie will boost your Likes and comments too. 8. Have a fake problem of yours? Share it in a different way and get Likes and retweets. 9. Are you good a…

If rahul Gandhi becomes PM

He may take some important decisions; 1. Every 50 years old man to be considered as a ‘youth’. 2. Hindi number ‘Pentiss’ will be replaced by ‘Pichatis’(Thirty-five). 3. people will not waste the time of the supreme court. As he declared that Rafael deal was a scam which was done by Modiji for his personal benefits. 4. He will order to collect the double amount of loan from companies whose pocket Modiji used to put money. For example- Ambani, Adani. 5. The prime minister's election will not be held until he authorizes so. 6. We will see ‘Made In India’ engraved on every product. However, right now, he wants to close ‘Make in India’ project. 7. He will arrest to the ‘Vikas’(Development). because according to him, “Vikas Pagal ho Gaya Hai” (The development has gone crazy). 8. All Indians will be sad because of All the memes and funny speech of Rahul Gandhi will be banned. Thanks for scrolling -Shri Ram

should we give Modi ji one more term?

BIG NO We shouldn’t ! Because he the biggest reason for poverty and unemployment in the country. 1. He started direct benefit transfer scheme. Now if 1 Rs is sent from Delhi the same 1 rs reaches the beneficiary. Earlier it used to be if 1 Rs is sent 15 paise used to reach. So, now the finances of those who used to get 85 paise in the middle are drying up. 2. He asked to attach Pan card with AADHAR card which resulted in 71% increase in income tax returns filed in the current year itself and tax collection to GDP ratio reached its peak. Now people need to file return and pay taxes . Again there finances are drying up. 3. He asked to link AADHAR card to LPG connection which resulted in lakhs of connections being cut off and the black marketing stopped . The finances of those who used to do black marketing are drying now. 4. He brought UPI and a lot of government departments started accepting payments online. Now jobs are being cut in those departments and since I don’t have to go to…

worst steps taken by BJP during last 5 years

There are so many wrong steps have taken by BJP govt last 5 years . 1. Ambani and Adani was beggar and Modi made him richest in India. 2. Milk was flowing in all river, Modi led BJP made it to flow water. 3. Ganga was clean , BJP made it dirty. 4. There was no Corruption, After BJP came every corruption started. 5. There was no tolerance, suddenly intolerance started. 6. Also Modi govt didnt allow Media to travel with govt funded money which is very very Bad. 7. Foreign funded Christian NGOs were pushing for conversion which is also very bad . Now Modi govt blocked them and asked for expense transactions also. 8. Suddenly Mumbai like attacked stopped which is also very very bad for India. 9. Surgical strike is very wrong to attack other countries . 10. BJP should have given all freebies and subsidies to people( Not sure during Cong rule it was reaching to actual people ) .before decide can you answer on this ? 11. Army’s OROP(One Rank One Pension) halted from past 30 years got resolv…

If BJP looses the 2019 Elections?

1. All Development work which are in progress, may stopped or reversed 2. Peoples will get freebies and subsidies 3. There will be more of reservation 4. Media will enjoy free travel and free stay which Modi stopped after coming to power 5. All the banned NGO will be allowed to do conversion in India 6. Naxals will get chance to attack public and damage properties 7. Terrorists will get chance to attack India Arigato 🙏 - shri ram

निरर्थक पक्तियां

शिकायतें तो ख़ूब लिखी थी उन पन्नों पर | कुछ दर्द के शब्द छापे थे स्याही से || ग़र फुरसत मिले रूठने के रिवाज़ों से | तो आइयेगा पढ़ने उस किताब को || जो पत्तियां रख, पन्ने मोड़ तुमने निशान बनाये थे | वो आज भी वहीँ हैं, वो आज भी सही हैं || ग़र फुर्सत मिले नफरत के झोंको से | तो आइयेगा वो किताब जला दीपक बनाने को || तुम शायद वो तुम नहीं, मैं शायद मैं वो नहीं पर उस किताब के हर पन्ने को राख बनाना चाहता हूँ हाँ, मैं उनसे कुछ कहना चाहता हूँ।। ~ श्री राम
Hi, I’m shri ram. I’m living in Bhilwara, India.

Aspiring chartered accountant and company secretary, M com. by Academic Qualification.

Pursuing chartered accountancy course for a better future , and for my Soul.

Writer(fictional) and blogger

Trained to bring a smile to everyone in the society (exception – relatives and neighbors ).

Politics interests me in so far as it obstructs my primary task of bringing a smile to people’s face and yes! it keeps me occupied in the space between “Modi Bhakt” and “BJP supporter”

And more about me – Firstly all pics are how my face appears in real (not just on Twitter /Social Media)

athlete body turning into Fat (Guess because of the big heart that is within)

Humorous* (Oh I breath, eat and … humour),

Loving and caring (not suggestive not giving any ideas),

intelligent (aarrrghhh!!! a big lie this),

fun-loving* (nice word for enjoying good things in life !!!)”

polyglot i am proficient in speaking many languages including english, hindi, gujarati and punjabi.

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“no one can say that i am Tech Freak !
But Intel Inside Mental Outside;)

Got Tired of Muslim and minority appeasement during late Congress party rule (RIP).

Aspiring Lottery Winner.”

“Bragging Rights: Survived 26 years of life and even more years of Manmohan sarkar rule”

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So Welcome! Friend into my very own Space in the E-World!

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