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Indian economy is "collapsed", what can be done by the Government

These should be top priorities of the government; 1. Close all Jan Dhan bank accounts with total deposit of Rs. 80,000/- crores. 2. Give back Rs 80,000/- crores back to defaulters, collected this year and stop IBC personnel to recover further Rs 100,000/- crores next year. 3. Roll back fugitive offenders bill. 4. Close down honorable NCLT/ NCLAT. 5. Stop billion dollars bank recapitalization plan. 6. Scrap proposed merger of Bank of Baroda, Vijaya bank and dena bank. 7. Roll back merger of state bank of India with other state bank group banks and Bhartiya Mahila bank. 8. Bring back CPI to 10%. 9. Fiscal deficit above 5% 10. Give back Japan its soft loan (0.1% pa). 11. Unregulated the petroleum prices. 12. Give renew certificate of incorporation to all 5 lakh fake/defaulter companies who’s names were struck off. 13. Declare invalid all the Income tax returns filed by those 60% percent (total 2.1 crores new) who filed it for the first time. 14. Ask the investors to take back their 6…

i am tired of hearing

1. Has he come of age now to lead the country. 2. Rafale Scam. 3. I am a follower of this and i agree with this and how can i prove it to him. 4. The whole debate about fundamental rights being in danger. What about our fundamental duties? 5. What would have been india’s condition now if Nehru wouldn’t have done that or wouldn’t have done that. (mje kya pta yr) 6. Why Modi has helping capitalists like Ambani and Adani. Ya bro he got 44 billion dollars in 4.5 years before that he had a BPL card. 7. Don’t burst crackers on Diwali because it’s harmful for the environment. ( Ya bro that’s why i use public transport the whole year and don’t smoke unlike you) 8. When will reservation be removed. NEVER! 9. Wait, i am coming in 5 min. 10. Ohh you are from Rajasthan, Do you have water at your place. 11. Ohh you are from Rajasthan, Do you speak Rajasthani. ( No i speak Marwadi) 12. 1+1 = 11. 13. “Mere Baap Ki sadak Hai”. 14. Study now you can watch TV after becoming successful. 15. “Aapke toot…

How to be famous on Twitter

1. Are you a girl? Well. That's enough. However you need not to be REAL, I mean angle priya. There are high chances that you will get Likes and retweets and even followers easily. 2. Find a street dog. Click a picture while you are feeding it biscuits. Write an emotional lines about it. Boom! You have Likes, retweets and followers too. 3. Tweets must be interesting and cheesy. Your tweets should be “click bait”. 4. An emotional lines that you bought all pens from poor peddlers will definitely bring Likes, retweets and comments. 5. Don't use the words which can't be understood by a layman. Don't show off your vocabulary if you want to connect with the people. 6. Every now and then tweet related to PM Modi ji and cuss other political persons. It will boost your Likes but you may not get the retweets. 7. Attaching your selfie will boost your Likes and comments too. 8. Have a fake problem of yours? Share it in a different way and get Likes and retweets. 9. Are you good a…

If rahul Gandhi becomes PM

He may take some important decisions; 1. Every 50 years old man to be considered as a ‘youth’. 2. Hindi number ‘Pentiss’ will be replaced by ‘Pichatis’(Thirty-five). 3. people will not waste the time of the supreme court. As he declared that Rafael deal was a scam which was done by Modiji for his personal benefits. 4. He will order to collect the double amount of loan from companies whose pocket Modiji used to put money. For example- Ambani, Adani. 5. The prime minister's election will not be held until he authorizes so. 6. We will see ‘Made In India’ engraved on every product. However, right now, he wants to close ‘Make in India’ project. 7. He will arrest to the ‘Vikas’(Development). because according to him, “Vikas Pagal ho Gaya Hai” (The development has gone crazy). 8. All Indians will be sad because of All the memes and funny speech of Rahul Gandhi will be banned. Thanks for scrolling -Shri Ram

should we give Modi ji one more term?

BIG NO We shouldn’t ! Because he the biggest reason for poverty and unemployment in the country. 1. He started direct benefit transfer scheme. Now if 1 Rs is sent from Delhi the same 1 rs reaches the beneficiary. Earlier it used to be if 1 Rs is sent 15 paise used to reach. So, now the finances of those who used to get 85 paise in the middle are drying up. 2. He asked to attach Pan card with AADHAR card which resulted in 71% increase in income tax returns filed in the current year itself and tax collection to GDP ratio reached its peak. Now people need to file return and pay taxes . Again there finances are drying up. 3. He asked to link AADHAR card to LPG connection which resulted in lakhs of connections being cut off and the black marketing stopped . The finances of those who used to do black marketing are drying now. 4. He brought UPI and a lot of government departments started accepting payments online. Now jobs are being cut in those departments and since I don’t have to go to…

worst steps taken by BJP during last 5 years

There are so many wrong steps have taken by BJP govt last 5 years . 1. Ambani and Adani was beggar and Modi made him richest in India. 2. Milk was flowing in all river, Modi led BJP made it to flow water. 3. Ganga was clean , BJP made it dirty. 4. There was no Corruption, After BJP came every corruption started. 5. There was no tolerance, suddenly intolerance started. 6. Also Modi govt didnt allow Media to travel with govt funded money which is very very Bad. 7. Foreign funded Christian NGOs were pushing for conversion which is also very bad . Now Modi govt blocked them and asked for expense transactions also. 8. Suddenly Mumbai like attacked stopped which is also very very bad for India. 9. Surgical strike is very wrong to attack other countries . 10. BJP should have given all freebies and subsidies to people( Not sure during Cong rule it was reaching to actual people ) .before decide can you answer on this ? 11. Army’s OROP(One Rank One Pension) halted from past 30 years got resolv…

If BJP looses the 2019 Elections?

1. All Development work which are in progress, may stopped or reversed 2. Peoples will get freebies and subsidies 3. There will be more of reservation 4. Media will enjoy free travel and free stay which Modi stopped after coming to power 5. All the banned NGO will be allowed to do conversion in India 6. Naxals will get chance to attack public and damage properties 7. Terrorists will get chance to attack India Arigato 🙏 - shri ram

निरर्थक पक्तियां

शिकायतें तो ख़ूब लिखी थी उन पन्नों पर | कुछ दर्द के शब्द छापे थे स्याही से || ग़र फुरसत मिले रूठने के रिवाज़ों से | तो आइयेगा पढ़ने उस किताब को || जो पत्तियां रख, पन्ने मोड़ तुमने निशान बनाये थे | वो आज भी वहीँ हैं, वो आज भी सही हैं || ग़र फुर्सत मिले नफरत के झोंको से | तो आइयेगा वो किताब जला दीपक बनाने को || तुम शायद वो तुम नहीं, मैं शायद मैं वो नहीं पर उस किताब के हर पन्ने को राख बनाना चाहता हूँ हाँ, मैं उनसे कुछ कहना चाहता हूँ।। ~ श्री राम

ट्वीट करते रहिए

ट्वीट्स, ख्याति, और ट्रॉल्स ट्विटर, एक आदत कहें या एप्प। यह जगह उन शरणागत का शिविर है जो कि फेसबुक और अपने जीवन के कुछ वजहों से त्रस्त हैं। जिन्हें अपनी बात कहने में झिझक होती है, उन्होंने खुल कर बिना डरे हुए यहाँ पर अपना दिल खोला। दिक्कत तब आई जब लोगों ने इसको काफी गंभीरता से ले लिया। वो भी क्यों ना भला, ख्याति किसको नहीं पसंद, दो पल की सही। सब कोई अच्छे अच्छे ट्वीट करते हैं, वाहवाही बटोरते हैं, लेकिन जब कोई ट्रॉलिंग करता है तो फिर बुरा लगता है। मैं पूछना चाहता हूँ क्यों? फिर आप दिल से ट्वीट करते हैं... इतना जान लीजिये.. आपके इस बर्ताव से ट्रोल करने वाले को बढ़ावा मिलेगा। ऐसे लोगो को जवाब देने की जरुरत ही नहीं, चुपचाप ब्लो और रिपोर्ट कीजिये। अपने आपको अच्छा साबित करने की कोशिश नहीं करनी चाहिए क्या लगता है सब दूध के धुले हैं... नहीं… हरगिज नही। सबमे कुछ कमियां है, सब ने कभी ना कभी कुछ ऐसा किया है जो नहीं करना चाहिए था। आप आज क्या हैं, यह ज्यादा जरूरी है। दस साल पहले क्या थे वह जरूरी नहीं। मेरे DM आज भी उन संदेशों से भरा है जिन्हे लोगो ने अपने अथाह नफ़रत का इज़हार किया है। अ…

Best feeling in our life

●Sharing your painful story with a stranger without being judged. ●Birthday wishes from the special one. ●Getting first salary or first job. ●Smile/ text from your crush. ●Reply/ like from a popular twitter handle. ●Appreciation from a random stranger. ●Travelling by Aeroplane for the first time. ●That little extra sleep after you snooze your alarm. ●A phone call from that special one when depressed. ●When your parents say “I'm proud of you my son/ daughter.” ●Proposing a girl/ boy for the first time with a little inner fear. ●Getting a passing mark in the nightmare subject. ●Helping someone without expecting anything. ●A good music and a sound sleep. ●Night out with friends. ●First day of college/office. ●The happiness on your neighbor kids, when you give them a chocolate unexpectedly. ●Playing with kids and becoming a kid with them to kill the loneliness, depression and anxiety. Thanks for scrolling😊 ~shri ram

शिवराज सरकार नहीं चाहिए

जब कांग्रेस ने दिग्विजय सिंह जी को मध्य प्रदेश का मुख्यमंत्री बनाया था, तब राज्य में लोग एक दूसरे से जुड़े हुए थे। पड़ोसि अक्सर माचिस, अतिरिक्त मोमबत्ती, अतिरिक्त केरोसिन आदि लेने के लिए एक-दूसरे के यहां जाते थे। पहले अन्य राज्यों ओर देशों के लोग घूमने नहीं आते थे। लोग साफ़ सफ़ाई जैसी छोटी चीज़ों मे समय नष्ट नहीं करते थे। दिग्विजयसिंह जी के समय दूसरे राज्यों से अनाज ओर दूध मंगाना/खरीदना पड़ता था, जिससे पड़ोसी राज्य खुश रहते थे। पहले ज्यादातर नवजात शिशु प्रसव के दौरान ही मौत का ग्रास बन जाते थे। पहले सड़कें कच्ची ओर ख़राब होने से नव दपन्ती को सफर के दौरान ज्यादा समय मिलता था, एक दूसरे के साथ वक़्त बिताने का। बच्चे अपना खाली समय बाहर खेलने के लिए इस्तेमाल करते थे क्योंकि बिजली के बिना टीवी देखने का कोई तरीका नहीं था। लेकिन शिवराज चौहान सरकार के तहत, पड़ोसी एक-दूसरे के नाम को भी नहीं जानते हैं, वे हर समय अंदर रहते हैं, कोई भी खिड़कियां नहीं खोलता है क्योंकि घरों मे एसी चल रहा होता है। लोग जाने क्यों इतनी साफ़सफाई रखते है, बल्कि अपने घरो का महंगा कचरा रोज सुबह ऑटो वाले…

राजनीति में आने का आसान तरीका

-सबसे पहले तो अन्ना हज़ारे जैसा कोई इंसान ढूंढे जिसे ये ना पता हो कि वो करना क्या चाहता है। -कोई मुद्दा ढूंढ लें जैसे कि भ्रष्टाचार, बेरोजगारी। -कुछ लोगों को इकठ्ठा करना होगा और मुझे स्वराज्य चाहिए, मैं हूँ अन्ना लिखी/छपी टोपी पहना कर रामलीला मैदान में खड़ा कर दें। -आपके कपड़े पुराने ढ़ीले होने चाहिए, पैर में सिर्फ़ चप्पल सस्ती वाली। -नारा लगाए, शोर मचाये। थोड़ा तमाशा करना होगा। भूख हड़ताल का ड्रामा कर पाए तो बेहतर है। -जब लोग जुड़ने लगे तो बच्चों की कसम खा ले कि कभी राजनीति में नहीं आऊँगा। फिर धीरे आए पर्चा भर दें। लोगो को बताएं आपके पास राजनीति के अलावा और कोई विकल्प नही बचा। -गंदगी साफ़ करने के लिये गंदा होना पड़ता है। ऐसे कुछ भारी भारी पंक्ति रट लें। -फिर कुछ भी आम, इमली, कांदा, सूपड़ा, नींबू मिर्ची पार्टी का नाम रख लें। बन गई पार्टी .....आ गए राजनीति में! 😀 धन्यवाद🙏 श्री राम

If Indian political parties had honest slogans

Congress: Every hand for family, every soul for bootlicking. Good job Rajdeep and Sagarika!!!!! BJP: You can’t look like a bad party when your star campaigner is the leader of your opposition!!!!!! AAP: We can do a lot, but Modi is stopping us from doing everything. And yes, as said by Bala Senthil Kumar, all above mile hue hain ji!!!!! TMC: We are so popular that even Bangladeshis vote for us!!!!!! Beat that!!!!! CPI/CPM: Viva la Revolution, even if the revolutionary governments were sent to graves by 1991. Oh yeah, long live China, down with capitalism!!!!!! DMK: For the family, by the family, to the family. Oh yeah, do remember to fly Spicejet!!!! AIADMK: We always leave our mark of victory everywhere, even on mixer grinders and table fans!!!!! JD (S) : We are the real descendants of Shiva, since our dude is consuming the “poison of coalition” . TDP: Anything for special status, even if it means doing a fancy dress competition (TDP leader dons Hitler's look to…

I trust in Prime Minister Modi

1. It keeps my trust in him When my dad gets a credit line under MUDRA yojana. 2. It’s keeps my trust in him when my grandfather doesn’t have to go to the electricity exchange to pay the bills in 45 degree temperature with LOO on top of that. 3. It keeps my trust in him when he came forward to regulate the prices of heart stent. 4. It keeps my trust in him when my village was declared ODF and people got money to build toilets. 5. It keeps my trust in him when I see the consumer price index numbers every month. From 10 in 2013 to 4 in 2017. 6. It keeps my trust in him when we get a text message about power cuts and not like 2013 when we used to have load shedding for 4 hours everyday in May and June. 7. It keeps my trust in him when we finally have a law to recover money from corporates and the willful defaulters( Insolvency and bankruptcy code). 8. It keeps my trust in him when GST was passed so that the cascading effect of tax goes away, no extra input credit is taken by businesse…

मोदी जी फ़क़ीरी तो हैं आप में

If we do a comparative analysis of Narendra Modi with other politicians we will find many characteristics, events, and lifestyle of Narendra Modi that is quite weird yet amazing. 1. Narendra Modi is the only one chief minister who has faced more negative media trials than any other CM. 2. Narendra Modi hardly sleeps more than 5 hours as he always wakes up early 5 ‘o’ clock in the morning. 3. Narendra Modi is a pure vegetarian and keeps fasts during several Hindu festivals like Navaratri. 4. Narendra Modi has been a preacher(Pracharak) of Hindu Dharma before coming into politics. 5. Narendra Modi loves photography, poetry and he is an animal lover as well. 6. Narendra Modi has never tried to benefit his family from his political status. His family still lives a very simple life. His cousin brothers are even fighting for their bread and butter daily. 7. Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister who is born after Independence. 8. He enjoys celebrating his Diwali with Indian sold…

dil ki baat

19th September Place: Home Everyone: Happy Birthday Shri ram!! Me (blushing): Thank you (*^。^*) Random Friend: Chal!! (Come!! ) Me: Kahan? (Where?) Random Friend: Cake nahi katega? (Won't you cut the cake?) Me: (thinking) Finally (Reaches the spot) (Sees the cake) Me: Wow yaar. Thanks sabko. Chalo kaat ta hu. (Thanks to everyone. Alright I'm cutting now!) Just about to cut the perfect, smooth, fluffy, chocolate filled awesome cakewhen, Me: (*_*) Friends: Yay! Happy birthday!! ________________________________________ This is what doesn't make sense to me. First, you buy a cake for the birthday guy /girl. Next you make him/her happy by wishing and giving gifts. Then, you make him/her blow the candles. And then, well that. The Cake Facial as it is called now. Who started this weird sh*t? And, now this is like a tradition which is to be followed at every birthday. Overrated crap! Please, don't do this. Instead, let a foodie feast on it. He/She will be truly happy. At …

chai wala will be chai wala always

1. As a chai wallah, the tea he used to make taste good to those who earn by hard working. 2. He never served “special” tea to Muslims. Even those who happened to taste it found it horrible. 3. He made a blunder of shifting his chai wallah business from Gandhi Nagar to all India sales headquartered at Delhi. His tea is not worthy of such business expansion. 4. He spoiled the grand business of established tea sellers who were there over 60 years. 5. He is not subsidizing tea. He demands tea consumers to pay GST. Horrible fellow! I hate him in totali’tea’! Arigato 🙏 -shri ram

awkward moments ever

Few things, You just enter the washroom and someone rings the doorbell. Making Tea or Coffee in the morning, and you realize that you ran out of sugar last night. You are about to leave office and some urgent work pops up which you can’t ignore. “shri ram, I want to tell you something important”. After creating all the suspense around you and then that person says, “Not now I will tell you in the evening”. You do all the hard work, and appraisal rating goes to obsequious ones. You are blocked from folllowing @abcdef and viewing @abcdef’s Tweets. You restart your laptop and forget to save your important work where you have invested hours. One day you wake up and realize, Oh shit, you are 25 now. Your friends book a movie ticket for night show, you reach on time and search for your seat. After 30 mins when you are unable to find your seat, you realize that you have reached the wrong theater which is 15 km away. You check time on your wrist watch and then you realize that the battery…

Untold story

I was a rambunctious student in school. She was the topper of our class.
I used to play cricket. She loved never ending novels.
I was reckless and confused when I was 16. She started planning her career by then.
She was a good speaker. I only clapped.
I gave her hints. She never winked.
I proposed to her. She accepted me.
We passed high school.
I chose Chartered accountancy. She chose Management.
I went to Ahmedabad. She went to Mumbai.
I always wanted to come over for weekends. She was happy with Skype.
I found myself obsessed with Taxation. She was redefining market structure.
I started smoking in college. She was busy preparing for CAT.
She loved coffee meet-ups. I was a late-night-chat guy.
I used to take her to movies. She was my guide to the temples.
She cooked home-made food. I loved road side Dhabas.
I booked us ola rides. She urged me to take the bus.
Once, I paid for the food in a restaurant. Next time, she took my wallet before entering. I had no choice. We shared the bill…

Most creative thing i saw on the Internet today

Here are some creative work by Tom Bob who is a New York based artist who finds quirky ways to animate the city with colorful murals and functional urban art. You will surely enjoy seeing them: Absolutely brilliant and creative artist as shown by his magnificent art work…. Kudos to him !!! Source: Google Thanks :) -shri ram

ऐसा क्या है जो मुझे औरों से अलग करता है 🙇

मेरे अंदर अपनी कमियों, बुराइयों और गलतियों को स्वीकार करने का गुण है जो बहुत से लोगों में नहीं होता। मैं अपनी प्रशंसा नहीं कर रहा, सत्य बोल रहा हूँ। यही कारण है कि मैं अधिकतर विनम्र रहता हूँ। मेरे पिताजी ने मुझे सिखाया है कि- “बेटा, संसार का सबसे कठिन कार्य है स्वंय के अवगुणों को स्वीकार करना एवं क्षमा माँगना। इसीलिए जब भी कोई गलती करो, तुरंत पश्चाताप कर लो,मन को शांति बनी मिलेगी”। झूठ बोलकर एक अच्छी छवि बनाकर रहने से अच्छा है सत्य बोलकर निंदित होकर रहा जाए। सीधे शब्दो मे कहू तो मेरा नजरिया ही मुझे सबसे अलग करता है क्योंकि मैं हमेशा अलग ही सोचता हूं कि हम कैसे समाज के लिए कुछ नया कर सकता हूँ जो आने वाली पीढ़ियों के लिए ठीक हो । ©श्री राम

What are some life lessons?

"Effort is important, but knowing where to make an effort makes all the difference!" Let me narrate a short story. This might bring a change in you. A giant luxury ship, which is 10 times bigger than the Titanic was ready for the world tour. The ship captain and the crew members were very excited. But the ship engine failed, it failed to start. The captain tried one expert after another, but none of them could figure but how to fix the engine. Then they brought in an old man who had been fixing ships since he was a young. He carried a large bag of tools with him, and when he arrived, he immediately went to work. He inspected the engine very carefully, top to bottom. Two of the ship’s owners were there, watching this man, hoping he would know what to do. After looking things over, the old man reached into his bag and pulled out a small hammer. He gently tapped something. Instantly, the engine lurched into life. He carefully put his hammer away. The engine was fixed!…

📌 What is the harsh truth of life?

Life was better when internet was expensive. You'll get 100% off on your birthday treat by not having friends. Nobody remains virgin in life. Life fucks everyone. Life is a slave to our desires. Some people will have a valid reason to hate you. Social media is more of psychology than technology. 16–22 is a age where you fall for every other person who talks nicely to you. Rain will sometimes cancel play. Not all good tweets have more like on twitter . We see things as “we are “ not in the sense what they actually ‘are’. You die the day you stop learning. Spiritual knowledge matters a lot in a life. Porn and masturbation is a complete waste of your positive energy. You are the only person on earth who can change yourself. Loneliness is the best place to find yourself. You can't keep everyone happy. We hesitate to communicate and apologize to people. Nobody is real in this world except your parents. People respect the money n…

How do I celebrate my birthday

My birthday was yesterday.😊😊 I can help you with this and lemme tell you how I celebrated my birthday yesterday. And let me give you the plan for your birthday. It is all i did. 1. Feed a hungry stray dog, you will find the unsaid wish in his/her eyes. 2. Water the driest plant you see around, you will find the wish in its quenched thirst. 3. Smile towards a beggar and offer him food, you will find the wish in his smile. 4. Donate a unit of blood, the unsaid blessings will be your birthday wish. And finally at the night, look at the sky and thank the nature for giving you the beautiful world as a gift for you. Every moment is priceless, Whether you are lonely or not, cherish it everyday. Arigato🙏 -shri ram

ऐसे 10 कौशल, जो हर आदमी के पास होने चाहिए

1. कम्युनिकेशन स्किल्स हर व्यक्ति के पास होने चाहिए, और अगर किसी व्यक्ति के कम्युनिकेशन स्किल्स कमज़ोर है तो उन्हें उस पर काम करके उन्हें दुरुस्त करना चाहिए | 2. आजकल हम किसी की भी बात पूरी सुने बगैर बोलने लग जाते है, ये एक बहुत बुरी बात है, ऐसा करने से आपके व्यक्तित्व का चलता है कि आप कितने बेसब्र है, और आप आपको सामने वाले व्यक्ति की बातों को कितना महत्व देते है , अगर आपको एक अच्छा वक्ता बनना है तो आपको पहले एक अच्छा सुनने वाला बनना होगा | 3. समय की पाबंदी - अगर आप समय के पाबन्द है तो इससे सामने वाले व्यक्ति के पास ये सन्देश जाता है कि आप अपना और सामने वाले व्यक्ति के समय को महत्व देते है और इज़्ज़त करते है | 4. हर व्यक्ति को ३ भाषाएँ कम से कम बोलने आनी ही चाहिए १. उस व्यक्ति के राज्य की राज्जीय/ प्रांतीय या क्षेत्रीय भाषा, २. राष्ट्रभाषा , ३ एक अंतर्राष्ट्रीय भाषा | 5. हर व्यक्ति को थोड़ा बहुत लिखने की आदत भी होनी चाहिए इससे हमे पता चलता है कि हम किसी विषय के बारे में कितना गहरा सोच सकते है | 6. हर व्यक्ति को प्राथमिक उपचार करना आना ही चाहिए , इससे हम किसी व्यक्ति को चिकित्सीय उ…

Best relationship advice

There are so many things...... 1.Build trust. It’s the foundation of a relationship. 2. Listen. Just listen what other person wants to say. Let him/her speak his/her heart out. You will know many things which he/she didn’t tell anyone before. It simply means you’re special for him/her. 3.Advise him/her on his/her plans regarding goals and career. Don’t always say “Do whatever you feel right”. Sharing your opinion doesn’t mean you are forcing him/her to follow your advice it shows that you care and he/she will appreciate it. 4.Avoid misunderstanding at any cost. We are living in era of technology. We communicate through messages more nowadays. Messages don’t show the right intent of emotions even if other person is using emoticon. ( You don’t always laugh when you send other person a laughing emoticon). Many words can be misunderstood in messages, you need to take action immediately to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. It will certainly give your relationship a new connect alway…

What are the things that do not matter in life?

There are many things, some of them are: 1. Dr. Batra’s email. 2. Call from your fake friend. 3. Others opinion about your life. 4. Twitter friends. 5. Your cousin’s marks in exam. 6. Twitter comments ( You never gonna read those again ! ) 7. Google’s terms and conditions. 8. YouTube India trending section. 9. Your past. 10.Rahul Gandhi.🐵 Thanks for scrolling -shri ram

Something motivating

Most of people give up on their life because they think that they had enough. People make excuses for not going to the gym because they have turned 40 recently. Youngsters take rickshaw so that they don’t need to walk for 1 KM. Now meet this lady.....👇 She is 102 years old. Recently, She won a gold medal at World Masters Athletics Championships for second time. She started her career in sport at the age of 93. At 93 ? What most people at 40 can’t even think of, she is acing it at 102. She is Maan Kaur. She is from Chandigarh, India. She previously had won many events in her age group and still determined to win many more. People think that they’re done with life and stop looking for happy moments, on the other hand she is creating happy moments for herself without any excuses. She is enjoying life to the fullest. She knows what life is and how to live it. These kind of people motivate me. If they can be joyful at 102 then what are you waiting for? It’s never too late. Pic …

I learned too late in life😃

There are so many things, some of them are : Believe in God/Infinite Power (not religion specific). I used to be the guy who was confused whether God exists or not. Trust me he/she does exist. He/She is everywhere. Always say “Thank You” whenever you look at sky. You will realize that you are not alone in this universe. You can’t know a person unless he/she wants you to know him/her. Don’t fall in this trap and trust no one. Revenge is not a good idea. Forgive but never forget. Having too many friends is seriously a bad thing. People show their true faces when you are at lowest phase of your life. Respect failure, it teaches you a lot about yourself, people and life. Most of your friends don’t want to see you happy and successful. They are just pretending to be your friend. Never tell anyone about your problems. They will make fun of you in future directly or indirectly. People say good things just to show themselves as a good person. When reality check comes they show their true…

Simple startup ideas that turned out to be successful

🍭Pulse Candy - 1 Rupee candy crossed 100 crores sale in just 8 months and 300 crores sale in just 2 years. It was started with a simple idea, A candy laced with black salt in the centre. It was a simple, one-line brief: If the product is tangy then your eyes should close automatically to relish it or else it is no fun. That was the lone instruction from Rajiv Kumar, vice chairman of the DS Group for his R&D team working on the Pulse candy. DSG spent no amount on advertising and promotions, and the candy gained popularity through word of mouth (probably because it’s a great product). Many people referred the candy to their friends and relatives. People even went to the extent of making ‘Pulse – Fan Communities’ on FB. Some even called it ‘The Pulse of the Nation’. This candy has surpassed all competition and beaten all the records by crossing the 100 crore mark in just 8 months! This figure equals the record for heavily advertised Coke Zero, Coca C…

Some awesome facts about Atal Bihari Vajpayee?

😁😁An unmatched sense of humor : Once Lata Mangeshkar and Atal ji were talking in a very light mood. Atal ji suddenly said to her, “Are you aware that you and me share same name”. Lata was perplexed and said, “I don't get you”. Atal ji said with a mischievous smile, “Just read my first name backwards”. ATAL~LATA 💡💡Great presence of mind: Once during his Lahore visit, a lady Pakistani press reporter asked him about his unmarried status. She said that she is ready to marry him on a condition if he gives her ‘Kashmir’ as marriage gift. Without any hesitation, Atal ji replied, “Accepted, but only if you give me Pakistan in dowry.” There are numerous incidents of his life which depict the vastness of his personality. He was really a leader who was loved by people. He will remain in hearts of millions. Images : Google. © shri ram

What are some small things that matter a lot?

It was a hot summer afternoon in the month of May. (pic credit : google) I was riding on my bike to home. A man who may be in his early 50s asked me for a lift. I saw him. He was sweating profusely and needed to reach home. As his house was on the way I was going in, I gave him a lift. He explained to me that, his sugar levels are dropping and need to reach home fast. I dropped him off at his home and he thanked me profusely. I got back home and forgot about it. After a month, a small hotel was opened nearby. I went there to try it out. I was checking out the menu and someone tapped on my shoulder from behind. He was the same man whom I gave lift earlier. He asked me if I had recognized him. I said no. He explained that I gave him lift a month ago. Then, I recollected him. He asked me, what would I like to eat. I was surprised. He giggled and said that, he is the owner of that hotel and as a token of gratitude I can have anything for free. I politely refused it but, he was ad…

What are some small things that matter a lot?

Here we go… 1.A smile from a stranger; give one and you may get one. 2.Your music, when you want it. Pull out your iPod and enjoy. 3.Five minutes of deep breathing. 4.An opportunity to be creative. Don’t wait for one—make one. Start a journal or a scrapbook, or get creative a routine task at work to make it more exciting. 5.The moment after the rain stops. Everything smells clean, fresh, and revitalized. 6.A beautiful sunset or sunrise. Nothing is more inspirational that tuning into nature’s majesty. 7. A thoughtful question from a friend. When she asks, “What’s your favorite childhood memory?” she’s trying to learn what makes you happy. How beautiful that she cares to know. 8.A long phone conversation, like you used to have in junior high. Curl up with your cell, call a dear friend, and start . 9.Something so funny it makes you laugh out loud…not in LOL form. 10.A beautiful sunset or sunrise. Nothing is more inspirational that tuning into nature’s majesty. Enjoy your life…

Some favorite childhood memories

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